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Going Forth

In the Name of Justice

Tashigi Shihou
1 January
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"No one is above or outside the law." This is my motto and it is how I try to live my life. I'm a pre-law major at GBU, with a second major in English. While I believe greatly in justice, literature has been the temporizing instrument. I've learned that, while no one can be exempt from the law, sometimes the fullest measure of the law doesn't need to be appled. Um, enough about that. My English professor says I go on about justice a bit too much at times. I'm also a member of the Coast Guard college reserves for the campus and I practice fencing as a hobby. Oh, and despite what my love of the law might lead you to believe, I'm a big fan of punk music. Sometimes the law isn't right. In those instances, changing it is important. Punk music speaks to this change, although I don't agree with some of the exhortations to anarchy. And I guess that's enough.